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Here, you can be kept up to date with industry movements, promotions and the launch of new products.  The list of news items below is regularly updated.

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28/12/2019Marantz Melody X system ticks all the boxesDetails
28/12/2019Audiolab M-DAC nano: the perfect portable partnerDetails
28/12/2019Pro-Ject Primary E turntable: a prime contenderDetails
08/11/2019Sonos One SL speaker will leave you speechless!Details
30/10/2019What Hi-Fi? 2019 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
07/06/2019Audiolab 6000N Play: a super streamer!Details
10/04/2019Rega produces limited edition Planar 1 Plus deck for Record Store Day 2019Details
12/02/2019Rega Planar 8: one giant leap for turtablesDetails
14/10/2018What Hi-Fi? 2018 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
12/10/2018Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2: more than just 'desktop' speakersDetails
12/10/2018Experience Fyne Audio at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
12/10/2018DALI OBERON speakers: Scandinavian starsDetails
12/10/2018Audiolab 6000 Series includes feature-packed amplifierDetails
22/09/2018Q Acoustics 3000i Series speakers: bigger and betterDetails
22/09/2018Sonos Beam sound bar: advanced yet affordableDetails
06/09/2018B&W 600 Series speakers: All change!Details
21/08/2018Denon AVR-X2500H AV receiver: a home entertainment hub for everyoneDetails
25/04/2018Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable includes built-in phono stageDetails
25/04/2018Rega commemorates Record Store Day 2018 with a limited-edition turntableDetails
25/04/2018Roksan blak integrated amplifier offers power AND subtletyDetails
02/03/2018Sugden Audio products now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
18/11/2017B&W PX: intelligent, wireless, noise-cancelling headphonesDetails
17/11/2017B&W 700 Series learns from the bestDetails
19/10/2017What Hi-Fi? 2017 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
19/10/2017DALI SPEKTOR 2 speakers: more great Danes!Details
19/10/2017Sonos One makes friends with Alexa!Details
19/10/2017Marantz releases UK editions of 6006 separatesDetails
06/10/2017Rega Neo turntable power supply unit now available separatelyDetails
06/10/2017Cyrus ONE amp with free Google ChromeCast and Tidal membershipDetails
06/10/2017Rega Apollo CDP CD player: top-loader and top class!Details
06/10/2017Spendor A4 speakers: a 4-ward delivery!Details
06/10/2017Free KEF M400 headphones with KEF speakersDetails
06/09/2017KEF LS50 Wireless speakers: a new classic and a game changerDetails
06/09/2017KEF Q Series speakers: revised and refinedDetails
06/09/2017Denon shows great VISION with its AVR-X2400H AV receiverDetails
24/08/2017Rega Planar 6 turntable: far more than a gap fillerDetails
24/08/2017Monitor Audio Silver Series: BRACE yourself for stunning speakers!Details
24/08/2017Denon D-M41 system is BLUE-ming marvellous!Details
24/08/2017Rega Fono MM: a FONO-menal pre-amp!Details
24/08/2017Sennheiser: spotlight on a pair of pairs!Details
24/08/2017Rotel 14 Series: reputation secureDetails
16/04/2017Rega RSD17 exclusive turntable commemorates Record Store DayDetails
16/04/2017Rega turntables see red!Details
02/02/2017Rega Brio amp: compact amp; full-bodied soundDetails
08/01/2017DALI Bluetooth speaker is quite a KATCH!Details
30/10/2016What Hi-Fi? 2016 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
28/10/2016B&W C5 in-ear headphones STAY in earDetails
28/10/2016B&W P7 wireless headphones: luxury on the moveDetails
28/10/2016Mission LX-2 speakers: top of the classDetails
16/08/2016Denon AVR-X2300W AV receiver: high five on all frontsDetails
16/08/2016Marantz 6006 separates: predictably good!Details
16/08/2016Atacama Evoque Eco 60-40 SE rack gets into the grooveDetails
16/08/2016B&W CM S2 speakers: luxurious looks and great soundDetails
10/08/2016Rega products now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
22/12/2015Pioneer BDP-180 Blu-ray player: best of both worldsDetails
10/12/2015Ruark Audio products now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
24/11/2015Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar: new product; new awardDetails
21/11/2015Sonos PLAY:5: original music player is now the latest one!Details
12/11/2015Sonos Trueplay: optimised output for wireless speakersDetails
12/11/2015Q Acoustics 3050 speakers: flagship favouritesDetails
12/11/2015Onkyo A-9010 amplifier: less is moreDetails
12/11/2015ATC SCM11 speakers continue to impressDetails
12/11/2015What Hi-Fi? 2015 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
19/09/2015Denon AVR-X2200W AV receiver offers an X-citing future!Details
19/09/2015Denon RCD-M40 system: dinky Denon leads the wayDetails
22/08/2015Monitor Audio Bronze 2: still the budget speaker to beatDetails
22/08/2015Marantz M-CR611 system delivers an ILLUMINATING performanceDetails
22/08/2015Pioneer VSX-930 AV receiver conveys ATMOS-phereDetails
22/08/2015Pioneer N-50A: setting the mid-price streaming standardDetails
24/06/2015Q Acoustics 3020 speakers: budget beltersDetails
15/05/2015Yamaha YSP-2500 sound bar: a solution that has you BEAMING!Details
15/05/2015Pro-Ject deck EXPRESSES itself very well!Details
13/02/2015Arcam CDS27 CD player: small range; big feature countDetails
23/12/2014Cyrus Stereo 200 power amp promotion: free Qx DAC moduleDetails
17/12/2014Spendor A6R speakers: furnish your lounge with great soundDetails
22/11/2014B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker: listening with no limitsDetails
08/11/2014Yamaha RX-V377 receiver: plenty of bang for your buckDetails
08/11/2014Cyrus CD i: Cyrus' best CD player yetDetails
02/11/2014What Hi-Fi? 2014 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
22/10/2014Wharfedale Diamond 220 Speakers: strong on all frontsDetails
20/10/2014Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC: blink and you'll miss it!Details
20/10/2014Free Deezer Premium+ account with any Sonos music playerDetails
09/10/2014B&W P5 Series 2 headphones: no-compromise cansDetails
11/06/2014Free Google Play Music with Sonos PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5Details
30/03/2014Canton DM 50: the baseline for soundbasesDetails
20/03/2014Sonos PLAYBAR now with free BRIDGE and Spotify PremiumDetails
20/03/2014B&W 600 S2 Series: more expensive speakers bewareDetails
02/02/2014DALI Zensor 1 5.1 speaker package: big sound; big savingsDetails
04/12/2013Yamaha RX-V675 AV receiver has the (cutting) edgeDetails
04/12/2013Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers are silver-tongued!Details
22/10/2013Sonos PLAY:1: a dinky, wireless music playerDetails
22/10/2013Pro-Ject Essential II: all hands on DECK!Details
17/10/2013What Hi-Fi? 2013 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
16/10/2013Arcam irDAC: setting a new standardDetails
16/10/2013Marantz 6005 separates: two-year update; two great productsDetails
10/09/2013KEF E305 speakers: another EGG-cellent package!Details
24/07/2013New Marantz Melody Media system has Wi-Fi and AirPlayDetails
24/07/2013Pro-Ject Debut Esprit Deck: making waves of the RIGHT kindDetails
24/07/2013Q Acoustics Concept 20: speakers you'll be STUCK on!Details
02/07/2013Denon AVR-X2000 AV receiver has the X factor!Details
13/04/2013Sonos PLAYBAR: a sound bar with a differenceDetails
13/04/2013Arcam rBlink: A DAC for Bluetooth devicesDetails
13/04/2013Arcam FMJ A19 amplifier: an instant classicDetails
13/04/2013Wharfedale Diamond speakers: have a 1-2-1 with the 121s!Details
13/04/2013Pioneer BDP-450: Blu-ray pedigree continuesDetails
22/12/2012Monitor Audio MASS speaker package: new system; old priceDetails
08/12/2012Pioneer LX receivers: massive trade-in discounts availableDetails
08/12/2012Sonos systems now stream music from iOS devicesDetails
17/11/2012Onkyo CR-N755: a networked-system bargainDetails
29/10/2012B&W A5 & A7 wireless music systems ditch the dock!Details
19/10/2012What Hi-Fi? 2012 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
19/10/2012Pioneer N-50: the gateway to streaming separatesDetails
06/10/2012KEF LS50 speakers: best anniversary present ever!Details
06/10/2012Yamaha's RX-V673 AV receiver has the starring role!Details
06/10/2012Hi-Fi Stereo now stocks Custom Design hi-fi furnitureDetails
30/08/2012Denon 520AE separates: new budget superstarsDetails
25/08/2012Denon D-M39DAB: another micro marvelDetails
27/07/2012Monitor Audio launches trimless ceiling speakersDetails
27/07/2012Rotel 12 Series: something else to celebrate!Details
16/06/2012Onkyo TX-NR515: new receiver, same storyDetails
09/06/2012B&W P3 folding headphones: quality on the goDetails
09/06/2012Cyrus amps score an A and CD players defy logicDetails
09/06/2012SUB heralds BOOM time for SonosDetails
09/06/2012Pro-Ject Debut turntable: CARBON doesn't do any 'ARM!Details
14/02/2012B&W speakers: Mini Theatre; mighty soundDetails
04/02/2012Pioneer BDP-LX55: one for the short (of nothing) listDetails
18/12/2011Yamaha YAS-101: cheapest surround sound of quality BAR noneDetails
18/12/2011Pro-Ject produces another SUPER Debut turntableDetails
21/10/2011Audiolab M-DAC: CD player not included!Details
21/10/2011Awards glory for Pioneer AV receiversDetails
21/10/2011What Hi-Fi? 2011 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
19/10/2011Cyrus streaming products take music streaming to new heightsDetails
01/10/2011Pioneer VSX-921 AV receiver now even better valueDetails
01/10/2011Sonos PLAY:3 makes wireless multi-room even cheaperDetails
01/10/2011Marantz 6004 separates tick all the boxesDetails
13/09/2011Arcam rCube now just £350!Details
06/09/2011B&W PM1 speakers: a feast for the ears AND eyesDetails
03/09/2011Yamaha's new home cinema receiver: good for music, tooDetails
06/07/2011Sonos ZoneBridge now half price!Details
26/06/2011DALI Zensor 1 speakers: it's all in the detailDetails
13/06/2011It's KEF's birthday but YOU get the present!Details
22/05/2011Marantz Melody Media system: small system; many featuresDetails
01/05/2011Sonos multi-room starter bundle offers a great savingDetails
01/05/2011Sonos Controller for Android app now availableDetails
09/04/2011Onkyo retains the advantage with its AV receiverDetails
28/02/2011B&W Zeppelin takes to the AIR!Details
24/02/2011KEF T Series: full sound from flat speakersDetails
24/02/2011KEF Q Series speakers: to hear them, join the Q!Details
15/02/2011Spendor S3/5R2 speakers: location, location…doesn't matter!Details
30/01/2011Denon CEOL: a versatile, stylish and wireless music systemDetails
22/01/2011Hi-Fi Stereo now stocks hi-fi racks by Hi-Fi Racks!Details
10/01/2011£400 off Cyrus CD 6 SE/6 XP comboDetails
27/11/2010B&W CM8 speakers: new addition to the CM rangeDetails
14/11/2010Roksan Caspian M2 range: transformers TRANSFORM the soundDetails
26/10/2010Sonos Wireless Dock: hear an iPod throughout the homeDetails
16/10/2010What Hi-Fi? 2010 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
14/10/2010Arcam rCube: more than just an iPod dockDetails
10/10/2010MISSION accomplished with new budget speakersDetails
10/10/2010Arcam launches wireless Solo systemDetails
10/10/2010Audiolab 8200CD CD player: great sound and well connectedDetails
26/09/2010Minimalist home cinema from OnkyoDetails
05/09/2010Which AV receiver is right for me?Details
05/09/2010Onkyo TX-SR608 AV receiver has six of the bestDetails
05/09/2010Denon launches iPod-friendly receiversDetails
07/08/2010Arcam rDAC: small unit, big improvementDetails
07/08/2010Monitor Audio's Bronze BX speakers benefit from RX touchesDetails
22/07/2010Denon's new system has a lot of PLUS pointsDetails
11/06/2010New finish and feature for the Sonos ZonePlayer S5Details
11/06/2010Boston Acoustics speakers lower the cost of surround soundDetails
08/05/2010Onkyo receiver provides HD and 3D on a budgetDetails
08/05/2010ESSENTIAL turntable from Pro-JectDetails
24/01/2010ATC SIA2-150 amplifier: worth waiting for but now in stock!Details
30/12/2009Onkyo and Arcam release high-end iPod docksDetails
28/12/2009Marantz launches low-height AV receiverDetails
01/12/2009Prices slashed on Pioneer Blu-ray playersDetails
23/11/2009Sonos ZonePlayer S5: no wires required!Details
15/11/2009Free BBC Blu-ray discs with Pioneer Blu-ray playersDetails
20/10/2009What Hi-Fi? 2009 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
17/10/2009Denon launches sub-£400 Blu-ray playerDetails
17/10/2009Monitor Audio Radius HD speakers: high def and high classDetails
17/10/2009Monitor Audio Silver RX speakers are pure GOLDDetails
25/09/2009Marantz 6003 separates have it allDetails
15/09/2009Pro-Ject Genie 3: the turntable you WISH forDetails
13/09/2009Denon D-F107DAB system fills a gapDetails
09/09/2009New Wharfedale Diamonds are real GEMSDetails
09/08/2009Sonos adds a nice TOUCH to its controllerDetails
24/07/2009Pioneer delivers a trio of new Blu-ray playersDetails
24/07/2009Denon AV receiver fights the high (def) groundDetails
24/07/2009Yamaha revAMPS its product rangeDetails
03/06/2009Sonos multi-room systems now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
19/05/2009Denon produces a turntable for the digital ageDetails
09/05/2009New 'budget' Denon separates offer much for the moneyDetails
19/04/2009Cyrus XP amps deliver in a digital worldDetails
23/03/2009New NAD separates: no frills; all thrillsDetails
21/01/2009Pioneer Blu-ray: high-end performance for entry-level priceDetails
26/11/2008Eagerly awaited Roksan Kandy K2 products now availableDetails
09/11/2008DALI speakers now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
30/10/2008Spendor launches the A-line speaker rangeDetails
16/10/2008What Hi-Fi? 2008 award winners available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
11/10/2008ATC speakers now available at Hi-Fi StereoDetails
11/10/2008Pioneer's second-generation Blu-ray player sets new standardDetails
04/10/2008PURE leads the way again with a new direction for radioDetails
27/09/2008Yamaha AV amplifiers: high spec, lower priceDetails
02/09/2008Pioneer plasma TVs currently with five-year warrantyDetails
01/09/2008Denon launches a class-leading AV receiverDetails
21/07/2008Onkyo's new mini system has a touch of classDetails
05/07/2008Pioneer raises the standard with new plasma TVsDetails
02/07/2008Denon launches a new micro systemDetails
28/06/2008Cyrus reinvents the CD playerDetails
06/06/2008KEF updates its classic surround sound packageDetails
06/06/2008Arcam FMJ CD player for just £500Details
30/05/2008All-conquering Onkyo receivers are now even betterDetails
30/05/2008Spendor upgrades its monitor speakersDetails
30/05/2008Arcam adds a Mini to the Solo rangeDetails

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