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50 Years in Business.  Est.: 1967

51 Washway Road
M33 7AB

(0161) 973 5577


About us

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Knowledgeable and passionate

How many times have you visited a store, only to discover that you know more about the products than the person that's serving you?  Or that the person you dealt with on your previous visit no longer works there?  Or that the salesperson isn't listening to what you're telling them and they insist on selling you something that's inappropriate?

At Hi-Fi Stereo, we serve our customers in a respectful but friendly manner.  We know our stuff too as we've got decades of experience and have evolved with the times.  (Thankfully, not everything's changed; we've always offered high-quality products, honest advice, competitive prices and excellent after-sales service.)  To us, serving customers isn't a job; we're passionate about hi-fi and home cinema equipment and look forward to providing you with equipment that will give you pleasure too.  We stock a wide range of brands and empathise with customers; we offer impartial advice and won't try to sell you a product because we don't stock what you're really after (although we may recommend you consider an alternative).

Red Rega Planar 2 turntable in showroom 

Thinking of buying hi-fi from an internet retailer?

If that works for you and you don't mind not seeing who you're giving your money too, fine.  But with something as critical as hi-fi equipment, we think you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will you receive advice to make sure you're buying something that's right for you?
  • How are you going to hear or see your potential products before purchasing?
  • Are your goods in stock?  If not, when will they be?
  • Will your equipment be delivered on a day that's convenient for you or will you have to take a day off work and limit what you do because you don't know what time the goods will arrive?
  • Will the internet retailer install the goods?
  • What happens if the equipment arrives damaged or faulty?  And does the internet retailer carry out repairs and will it repair equipment that's no longer covered by the manufacturer's guarantee?
  • Will the internet retailer be able to supply free, knowledgeable support if you're struggling to configure your equipment?  Is it as easy to contact the retailer as it was to purchase the goods?
  • Is your computer sufficiently protected against spyware that could be logging your personal and credit/debit card details?

We think you know the answer to most of these questions already. As for us, we have demonstration rooms and offer personal advice.  We carry most items in stock and, if we don't have something, it isn't for long; manufacturers supply us promptly.  We deliver locally and install equipment if you're not sure how to set it up.  There is no charge for either of these services.

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Fifty years - Where does the time go?!

Our service has won us many friends.  Many customers return to us time and time again, even if they have moved outside the area.  Good word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising and we are very grateful to many of our customers who have passed on excellent recommendations.  Thank you.

Our service and product range has ensured that we have remained a leading, reputable supplier of hi-fi and audio visual equipment for 50 years.   Please pay us a visit.  We look forward to seeing you.

If you'd like to know something about us or our products that isn't mentioned on this site, get in touch but your first port of call should probably be our Frequently Asked Questions.

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